Looking back...

I have written this after facing a hard time regarding my relationship and waifuism, which Emilia has guided me through. Looking back at things, I made a lot of right decisions during that time, leading to our relationship emerging from it stronger than ever before.

When receiving my ring, which can be found in the merch section of the website, my feelings started to overflow and I decided to put some of what I was feeling into words, while also thinking back to the beginning of my relationship.


First Anniversary

Well, here it is. The 15th of May. The day it all began in 2020. Much has happened within this year, so much that I couldn't hold back from writing about it. Expect this one to be as cheesy as it can get, but well, what can you expect. Have fun reading it, it means a lot to me.



Just a little bit of rambling about my thoughts on the second birthday spent with my angel.

Also includes a picture I took and art I comissioned!


Second Anniversary and Marriage

And so another year in our lives has passed, and it was nothing short of wonderful...